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ArtSite Registration

All registered teachers have complete free access to ArtSite. Teachers can also give 3 students free full access to the Gallery and Portfolio.

Students have free limited access to view the Museum, Gallery, Portfolio, and ArtSearch, but they can’t contribute to the Gallery or Portfolio until their teacher pays for full access.



Click or Tap 'MyAccount' to purchase full student access for additional students through your iPad iTunes account or with a credit card through PayPal from your desktop computer. Purchase orders are welcome. Please contact us.

$3.99 for 10 students
$6.99 for 25 students
$9.99 for 50 students
$14.99 for 100 students
$19.99 for 200 students

After payment, go to ‘Student Accounts’ to grant full access to your choice of students.  

Teacher Registration

1. Download the free app from the App Store or click » ArtSite Login from any page on this site.

2. Click or tap the 'Teacher Registration' icon on the ArtSite home page.

3. Enter your name, email address, and a password. (If your school has email blocking software, it would be best to use a personal address.)

4. You will receive a confirmation email with a link back to the ArtSite to activate your account. If you do not see it, please check your spam or junk folder.

A one-time setup personalizes ArtSite for your classes and students:

  • After logging in from the ArtSite home page, click or tap 'Academic Year' and then 'New' to enter a date or dates which best fit your school calendar.
  • Click or tap 'MyClasses' and then 'New' to enter your class names and the day, time, and perhaps the semester they meet.
  • Click or tap 'MyAccount' to retrieve your access code to give to students so that they can register.
  • After students have registered, click or tap 'Student Accounts' to activate full access for your choice of students.

Student Registration

Students click or tap the 'Student Registration' icon or text link on the ArtSite home page. They enter their name, email address, password, their teacher's access code, and choose the class they are enrolled in. When registration is complete, they will see their login username and password. (Teachers can change student login information.)

Teacher's can also register students by following the 'MyStudent's' link on the left border. When teachers register students, they can choose any username - it does not have to be an email address.

If a student is enrolled in more than one class, they must register for each class separately. Students can use the same username and password, however a new numbers will be displayed after the username.

After registering, log in from your desktop computer, laptop, or tablet through your web browser, or from your iPad. Students only see the Museum, Gallery, and Portfolio pages created by their teacher and all of their teacher's students.