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"ArtSite is perhaps the most impressive art app out there for those in education. It allows students to create virtual galleries, find out some background on museum pieces and comment on work of other students. It is also a fantastic tool for teachers, who can download pictures from museum websites, and show material to their class when connecting their iPad to a HD TV. This app is cloud-based, allowing users to access it online or on a mobile device."
- TabTimes.com, 15 Best iPad Apps for Education and Reference Materials

“ArtSite is a must have app for all art enthusiasts, students and teachers. Users can create their very own gallery on the app, get more information when browsing museum pieces and even comment on the work of other users. For students, “The Portfolio” allows students to create their own virtual online art showcase and share with other students or teacher. If you are a teacher, ArtSite is a great tool to use in the classroom. Quickly download pictures from museums to use in your curriculum from over 200 museum pages. This is a fantastic app for any art enthusiast out there.”
- Tech News, 10 Best Apps for Education"

"A truly revolutionary application for developing and emerging artists alike, ArtSite gives users a vehicle to share their own pieces with the creative conscience of ArtSite. With ArtSite, users not only share their work, but are encouraged to give feedback on a number of works of art in the app’s 200-page collection. In addition, ArtSite includes a unique feature that provides daily offerings of artistic ideas to inspire and motivate users."
- apppoet.org, 6 Apps For Art Education

The physical art portfolio case is old hat compared to ArtSite, software that can create a digital art collection including museum works alongside students' own artwork and writings. ArtSite produces electronic pages that complement everything from stick figures to Impressionist masterpieces."
- Scholastic Administrator Magazine

"A home educator or co-op teacher could find ArtSite a valuable tool to use as a foundation for an art history class, or a springboard for an exploration of artistic styles and media with an eye to encouraging students to create artwork of their own."
- Eclectic Homeschool Online

What teachers are saying...

"As an art teacher "grades" are not high on my priority list. I prefer participation, exploring various media and discussions of artists are key for me in my classes so ArtSite allows me to better organize artwork, show kids work and give each student easy access to art of the world. I remember years ago starting to create digital portfolios..but through our school network we had issues as to how the kids could access everything and to add work on their own. Your product does what I had envisioned." 
- Virgin Islands Art Teacher"

"I'll take this opportunity to tell you how much my high school students are enjoying the program. It's allowing them to "own" their understanding of Art History."
- Ohio Art Teacher

My school requires homework in all subject areas. ArtSite will be a good way to encourage students to really look at art at home. They can also use home time to write about their own work."
- New York Teacher

"We would like to integrate ArtSite with our French culture program. We'll set up the Museum with examples of French art, architecture, and monuments to form a gateway for students to enrich the program in the Gallery. We hope to involve our art department through the Portfolio"
- Minnesota Administrator

"So cleanly organized and simple to use - brilliant."
- Student Teacher

"Thank you so much for doing this for us."
- Kentucky Art Teachers

"I have shared your app info with the upper school art teacher who has a lot of AP students and this will be a fantastic way for all them to keep their work chronicled---and shared!"
- Virginia Teacher

"Our school is going total 1-to-1 iPad next year. I wanted a way to engage my students but flip my lessons so they could prepare with art history ahead of time and save class time for art making. ArtSite should about do it. ArtSite will be my primary app."
- Wisconsin Teacher

"You have truly created a fantastic tool that will enhance our teaching. My school is about 900 students and in a rural community. The iPad program can change our whole way of teaching and learning and this will be our launch in the fall. I'm a little nervous, but your app will give me a central location to store and distribute ideas! Thanks do much!"
- Kentucky Teacher

"Oh I'm so excited to start using your site... Laurie, your efforts in developing this website are a tremendous advantage to art education. Thank you :) "
- Art Educator/ Clinical Art Therapist

"I am using ArtSite this year and loving it!"
- California teacher

"Thanks again and love this app.
We (my art teacher colleague and I ) have been looking for a useable app in our classes for quite some time.
ArtSite is what we’ve been looking for."
- Texas teacher

"Fabulous! It's exactly what I've been trying to do in my own classroom through operating three other programs!"
- Virginia Teacher

"This is a well designed and realised art teacher tool. The images are great especially on the New iPad."
- App store review

"I love your site!"
- many teachers from everywhere

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