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  Take a tour of ArtSite.   Personalize ArtSite, set up your classes, and purchase full access for your students.
  Download images and information from websites to create Museum and Gallery pages.   Learn how to create Museum pages organized by your own Collections.
  Contribute Museum pages, search for new ideas, and share art projects.   Set up your classes. Archive and link student Portfolio pages.
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  Manage student registrations, save and delete Gallery & Portfolio pages, transfer students to other classes or teachers, and start new Portfolio pages for younger students.   Turn the ArtBlog on and off and moderate posts. Customize the Portfolio search and art Media to match your teaching environment.
  Students register for free access. (Teachers can also register students from within ArtSite.)   Students build Gallery pages by searching the Museum or beginning new pages using MyGallery.
  Students create portfolio pages with their own art and writing and link their portfolios from different classes.   Teachers inspire students by assembling Art Show collections from Museum and Portfolio pages.

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