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The ArtSite iPad App is free for teachers!

ArtSite is enhanced to take full advantage of all the iPad's built-in technologies.

Teachers start off with a 200+ page 'Museum' organized in 12 collections. Each page includes art images, a description, and a few project ideas. Teachers can add an unlimited number of new Museum pages as well as delete or change the included pages.

ArtSite Gallery

In the 'Gallery', students become curators of their own art collections. They explore the ArtSite Museum, choose a work of art, and then write their own description. They can also contribute new Gallery pages with up to 4 images.

Teachers and students can post comments on Gallery and Portfolio pages, forming an exchange of ideas. Teachers approve all comments before they are made public and can turn the blog on or off for each class.

Museum, Gallery, and Portfolio pages can be printed or emailed for sharing among teachers, students, family and friends.

Pinch/enlarge images to zoom in on the details. The iPads voice recognition can be used as an additional tool for writing about the art.

ArtSite Portfolio


In the 'Portfolio', students display their studio art and writing. Students can upload images of their art or teachers can start pages for them. Students can link their Portfolios from previous years and different classes.

Personalize the Portfolio search page with a featured artwork. Search the Portfolio by academic year, class, and student.

Use the iPad's built-in camera to easily photograph student work.


ArtSite iPad App

Customize ArtSite for different grade levels. Teachers can also monitor student Gallery and Portfolio pages, register students, and transfer students between classes or schools.

Teachers can create a username and password for parents to view the Museum, Gallery, Portfolio, and ArtSearch. Students and their families only see the pages created by their teacher's classes.

'ArtShare' is an ArtSite community resource. Teachers can select pages to fill their own museum, contribute Museum pages and share Studio Art project ideas.

The printable teacher's guide with how-to videos and helpful how-to tips will get you up and running quickly!

ArtSite App

Teachers can choose Museum and Portfolio pages to form 'Art Show' collections. Students can browse the Art Show for inspiration and reference.

Students have free limited access to view the Museum, Gallery, Portfolio, and ArtSearch, but they can’t contribute to the Gallery or Portfolio until their teacher provides full access.

Teachers can give 3 students free full access to the Gallery and Portfolio. Additional full access can be purchased from within the site or app for as little as 10 cents per student. » Pricing


Searching for art is easy with 'ArtSearch', the teacher-customized Internet search engine. Teachers can add any number of links to websites organized by custom search titles as well as delete or change the included links.

Teachers can turn ArtSearch web browsing on or off for each class.

Visit the App store to download 'ArtSite' for free!

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